Norwegian Animated Outing ‘Titina’ to Premiere at Animation Is Film Festival

Norwegian Animated Outing 'Titina' to Premiere at Animation Is Film Festival

Kajssa Naess’s 2D animated feature Titina is set to. premiere at Animation Is Film Festival in Los Angeles in October.

Naess, who helmed the award-winning 2015 Paul Auster-penned short It Was Mine, told Variety, “So many people have worked so. Hard to make this film happen, and I am grateful for all the love, energy and artistic talent that has been invested by all the artists involved every step of the way, starting from storyboarders and designers to the animators and all the way into music and sound design.

The film centers on the adventures of the Italian engineer Umberto Nobile who along with his terrier Titina is asked to design an airship that will allow him to explore the North Pole, all seen through the eyes of the charming dog. Titina’s art director and production designer is Emma McCann who also worked on acclaimed artistic  features such as The Illusionist, The Red Turtle and The Bears’ Famous Invasion of Sicily.

According to Variety, the Danish film, which is produced by MikroFilm and ViviFilm, has already been sold to German (Grandfilm), The Netherlands (Lumiere), Hungary (ADS), Latvia, Estonia, Lituania (Estin Film), Poland (Vivarto), Iceland (Sena) Albania, Bostnia, Croatia, Kosova, Macedona, Montenegro, Servia, Slovenia (Megacom), Ukraine (Arthouse Traffic), Romania (Contactory Studio) and Kazakhastin (Aldongar).

You can enjoy the trailer below:

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